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Comprised of guitarist Ryan Knecht, bassist Juan Arguello, drummer Alejandro Mercado and led by the dynamic frontwoman, Tiaday Ball, The World Over has created a buzz that has resonated throughout the rock/metal world since the release of their first EP, Rampart District, in 2014. The single, “Swervewolf,” racked up well over 100k YouTube views and made a lasting impact on fans and critics alike with 700k views on their channel in total. But it was the release of Mountains (2017) that kicked down major doors for the band. The five-song EP was inspired by the lives of the band members. The title-track was inspired by a toxic friendship and the idea that sometimes in trying to save someone else, you can lose yourself. The popular video debuted on and numerous popular rock fanzines. The success of Mountains has stretched past touring with Otep for a full month and even earned The World Over a spot on the very last Vans Warped Tour in 2018 rocking out for 7 shows alongside bands like Simple Plan, The Used, Chelsea Grin and 3oh3!

Earning the respect of their fellow musicians has been a career highlight for The World Over. The band has been featured on Alternative Press more than a half-dozen times and named Tiaday as one of the 100 of the Top Females in Music. 

Poised to release their highly anticipated first full-length album, The World Over isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. The new single, “Rewind/Replay” finds the band experimenting with new sounds and songwriting techniques while holding on to their hardcore rock roots. With their thousands of engaged subscribers, Facebook fans, and Instagram followers—The World Over is ready to chart the next course of an amazing career.

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