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Fabrizio Moretti

United States

Ahead RK

Fabrizio aka Fab Moretti was born in Rio De Janeiro to Brazilian and Italian parents, thus the breath-taking good looks. He moved to New York when he was 3, and started slapping the skins when he was 5, in a sound proofed room in his mothers apartment. During high school, when he wasn't getting shit about his name, he took a big liking to art and after high school he started to study sculpture and thought his dream in life would be to teach art.

That is until, he realized how far this drummer in a rock band thing could take him, and how good the strokes music was. Just when the strokes we launching their fun rock star lifestyles, on the European tour, Fab fell out of the tour bus, and couldn't play drums for the rest of the tour, or on their drip down under in support of You Am I (who later would support the strokes in the US (almost a year to the day). They brought in drummer Matt Romano, who continues to be the strokes sound and technician guy.

Fab was often described as the strokes "mop-headed drummer", resembling a certain muppet a little too closely, until recently he shaved his riglets off, and decided to sport a somewhat bogan look. Only he can still look hot like that. To the dismay of gals around the world, Fab's girlfriend is currently Ms Drew Barrymore, who he describes as "possibly the most perfect human being" he has ever met. You could package the jealousy felt worldwide and fill the hole in the ozone layer. Fab has been described by his band mates as direct, energetic, deep and “lunaticical” (“coked up” being rejected). He like guns and roses.

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