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"I love the AHEAD Company and all the products they have. I have been using AHEAD Drumsticks since 1994! And they do not break!! At least I have never broken one and I play hard. One pair of AHEAD Drumsticks last me 6 months before I needed to change the replacement sleeves. With AHEAD Drumsticks my hands, wrist, and forearms never get fatigued, and my hands and fingers never blister.

I have been using AHEAD Armor Cases since 2012. They are by far the best drum cases I have ever used. I love their unique TruForm shape for ever drum case, the heavy duty DynaZip System, and the way the cases store into each other. 

And I can't say enough about the AHEAD Spinal Glide Throne! I am completely blown away by the full body comfort and back support this drum throne gives me. Way to go, AHEAD! Another amazing product.

I am so excited and honored to be a part of the AHEAD Artist Family and being among so many great artists."

Ronnie Lee is a Multi-Genre Music Composer, Sound Designer, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Studio Recording Artist. Ronnie has been writing music for over 30 years. He has toured in the US and UK. Along with extensive studio work, Ronnie Lee has released several albums, EPs, and Singles. Among all the instruments he plays, his favorite is his own designed monster drum kit called The GREMLIN! It was featured in the 2015 November issue of Modern Drummer Magazine for "Kit Of The Month". Ronnie's musical writing style and influences include Hans Zimmer, Steven Wilson, Radiohead, Kevin Moore, Phil Collins, Rush, Don Henley, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and U2. 

Ronnie Lee started his musical journey with his first drum kit at age four. And after years of banging on old drums, pots and pans, and furniture, his Mom encouraged him to try other instruments. At age 10 Ronnie got a Magnus Electric Chord Organ, and that really gave him the itch for writing music. And he still owns and uses that organ in his studio and on recordings to this day! Ronnie began playing piano, keyboards, and Synths at age 13 and then started playing guitar at age 17. Learning all these instruments threw Ronnie into writing his own original music. Now, 30+ years later, the music is still flowing. Ronnie Lee is currently writing original soundtracks and scores. You can hear Ronnie Lee's original music wherever you stream music.

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