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Ahead Artist Jeremy Kregel

United States

Ahead Drumsticks

“I have never been consistent with a certain pair of sticks ever since I have started playing but ever since I had chosen Ahead Drumsticks I knew something about them felt right to play with. I am currently using 5A sticks and they are by far my favorite since I had picked them up. Overall, Ahead Drumsticks don't damage my drums and cymbals as my wood sticks used to, as well as they do not fatigue me while being a hard-hitting drummer. I am very grateful to be part of the Ahead family and I am always looking for new opportunities with music!”

Hey, I'm Jeremy and I am currently playing drums in a band called Somewhat Ace. I was about 3 years old when I picked up my first pair of sticks from a mini drum set I had received as a Christmas gift from my parents in 2004. I have had a love for drums ever since then and have been playing seriously since 2012. When I first started in 2012, I had taken drum lessons with my teacher Dominic D. I wouldn't be here playing drums today without him. After about 3 years of music lessons, I had taken a break and have been teaching myself since then.

Somewhat Ace has been busy with shows around the Los Angeles, CA area such as El Rey Theatre, Soma, Whisky A GOGO, Chain Reaction, House of Blues, Etc. Our new album "You In June" is mostly heard of as our "new sound" as we are experimenting with different genres as we used to play just punk-rock. We are always in the studio recording and have original music on iTunes, Spotify, Etc. Somewhat Ace is currently under the management of Face In The Crowd Entertainment and has been working with them since late 2016.

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